Punk Rock: right to the heart

. . . And Out Come the Wolves

. . . And Out Come the Wolves

Punk rock and its social justice message changed the way I saw others and, more importantly, the way I treated others. I am normally shy and I hate confrontation. In fact, the idea of butting my nose into a potentially dangerous sitation was not something I would ever consider while I was growing up. Finding the album ” . . . And Out Come the Wolves” by Rancid revolutionized that way I interacted with people, especially those who didn’t seem to have a voice. For me, the idea that you could speak out with a strong voice, that you could ask questions, and that you could rebel was freeing and liberating. I felt a sense of rage when others were not treated equal. After listening to punk rock and learning more about my faith (and the fact that my faith and what I was hearing in punk rock meshsed), I gained confidence and learned that speaking out was ok. In fact, I’m surprised I didn’t get leveled while in High School. I slowly gained the confidence to stick up for others and to ask tough questions. Sure, sometimes it landed me in detention, but Rancid inspired me to make people my business. Suddenly, the lessons I had learned in Sunday School at Church came to life and I learned to love others and seek to help those in need. I feel that Rancid lead me closer to acting like the radical Jesus I read about.

This plaid heart owes a lot to Rancid. (Seeing them in concert was, admittedly, a life highlight!)

So question on, and rock on!


“Your freedom is not an exuse to do evil . . . Show respect for everyone.” (1 Peter 2)
“Do you know where the power lies? It starts and ends with you.” (“11th Hour,” Rancid)


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