A Loving Community: changing the scene


Alberta Flood 2013. It disrupted a lot of lives and will continue to disrupt for a long time. Roads have to be rebuilt and shifted, homes have to be gutted and rebuilt, pathways need to be cleared off and repaved. These are all physical changes and necessities, yet the city of Calgary is up to the task!


Whenever you see updates about Calgary’s Flood efforts, the news is positive: volunteers helping, Enmax working hard to restore power, communities coming together, strangers helping their neighbours, people meeting at cellphone charging stations and striking up friendships. Yes it is devastating to some. Yes it is inconvenient for many. Yes businesses and lives have been effected. Yet even with all of these obstacles, Calgarians see the bigger picture: loving others.

A while ago a local hip-hop artist, Transit, released a song that I think sums up a lot of the changing scene in Calgary: more people are living downtown, more people are interested in building up the urban centre, and more people are involved in the arts scene. Transit writes,
“We are not all cowboys when I point the mic out you, you make loud noise!
And just scream, yea this is how we’re changing the scene.”

“We are not all Cowboys”

As the Calgary Stampede approaches and as I write this from my friend’s spare bedroom because I am still evacuated from my home, I keep having Transit’s lyrics from “We are not all Cowboys” running through my head:

Everywhere I go, these people they ask me
Where is my home now and I tell them it’s Calgary;
Some people don’t get it, turn their noses up at me
But the scene is expanding in the city of Calgary.


I know things will not return to the way they were, but I can’t help but be proud to live in Calgary. It is going to look different and I think the relationships will be different, yet there are positives in change. The scene is changing! (And that concludes my burst of pride and love for my city!)

‘You shall love your neighbour as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than [this]. (Mark 12:31)

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