“Come, Thou Tortoise”: season of light

Glowing lights in the dark.
Source: blueprintmasonry.com

I love January. We have gotten past the Darkest Night of December, we have celebrated Christmas, and now we celebrate the season of light!

I couldn’t help but think about light while reading Jessica Grant’s novel Come, Thou Tortoise. It was lighthearted and it was full of lights (D-434, D-534, and D-634 Christmatech lights to be exact). It was amazing to me how a story about a woman who is grieving for her father could cause me to laugh out loud so many times.

Source: goodreads.com

Yet, when I think about family funerals that I have attended, I can’t help be remember laughing and celebrating. I don’t want to belittle my tears, sorrow, pain, aching loss, or grief, but I also want to remember the celebration of the lives I had a chance to be a part of. I think that Jessica Grant’s novel is both warming and aching all at the same time. It exists in that place of celebration and complete grief.

This book is also full of some of my favourite things: pets, puns, and Pirates of Penzance!
One of my Uncles is known in our family as the Pun King and it was fitting that one of the major story lines in the novel is about Oddly Flower’s Uncle.

Honestly, if you are feeling down because it is January and you need some much needed light, pick up this novel!

The nights of crying your eyes out give way to days of laughter. (Psalm 30:5)



2 thoughts on ““Come, Thou Tortoise”: season of light

  1. Sheryl Gervais

    “This book is also full of some of my favourite things: pets, puns, and Pirates of Penzance!” And, dare I say dear Plaid Heart, alliteration? 🙂 Can’t wait to check this one out.


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