“Age of Hope”: playlist

I have been wanting to read David Bergen’s novel The Age of Hope for a long time. I love the title. I will admit that picking up this novel as totally a case of judging the book by the cover!

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/13690590-the-age-of-hope

David Bergen is from Winnipeg and I couldn’t help but think while reading this novel, do all authors from Winnipeg write in the style of Carol Shields? The Age of Hope reminded me a lot of some of Shields’ works, and I loved that. I know that the death of Carol Shields is still felt with Canadian fiction lovers. And, a cool connection is that David Bergen was chosen as the 2010 Carol Shields’ Writer in Residence at the University of Winnipeg.

Source: http://www.thestar.com/news/insight/2012/06/08/winnipegger_david_bergens_novels_are_infused_with_his_mennonite_upbringing.html

Although I have a lot of thoughts about Bergen’s novel and the life of Hope, his main character, whom he follows from being a teenager to a senior citizen, while I was reading the novel I could not get The Carpenters’ album Carpenters out of my head!

Bergen divides his novel into five different sections: Age of Innocence, Age of Despair, Age of Profit, Age of Longing, Age of Hope. I have created a mini playlist, using the album Carpenters, for you to listen to as you read. I personally will be listening to my Mom’s well-loved record and think of her as I read. So, pull out your record player, grab a mug of tea, and enjoy!

Source: http://momadvice.com/blog/tag/amy-allen-clark

Age of Innocence: “One Love” / “Druscilla Penny”

Age of Despair: “Rainy Days and Mondays” / “(A Place to) Hideaway”

Age of Profit: “Saturday”

Age of Longing: “Superstar” / “Let Me Be the One”

Age of Hope: “Sometimes”

Lastly, as you put down the book, enjoy this Bacharach/David Medley!

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/244812929719107272/

If you need to listen to some more of The Carpenters, see their live 1971 BBC show here.

“Foolish as it seems, I still have my dreams.” (From “Bacharach/David Medley”)
“If in Christ we have hope in this life only, we are of all people most to be pitied.” (1 Corinthians 15:19)

Mom's record.  1971.

Mom’s record. 1971.


2 thoughts on ““Age of Hope”: playlist

  1. lauratfrey

    I’ve been drawn to this cover a few times, but haven’t gone for it. I love this post, literary soundtracks in general, but your commitment to a single album/book pairing is great!


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