“The Poisonwood Bible”: yah, ok

As an intelligent (or at least I think I am intelligent) reader, my question is this: what’s wrong with a little subtlety and ambiguity? If I was using the rubric for High School marking, I would give The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver a 3/5 because it’s message and idea was basic and was not developed judiciously or with subtlety. When explaining a 3/5 to my students I describe it as if they are hitting me over the head with their idea by blatantly stating it repeatedly throughout their work. Truthfully, when Goodreads asked me to give it stars, I declined. I have no idea what to do with this novel.

I wish I were an editor. That’s how I should have started this blog. Things to improve: development of character, less overtly repeated messages, remove the ending. There are so many things I did not enjoy about this book. And to be fair, I did just recently read Half of a Yellow Sun which I thought was brilliant!!

Source: http://www.kingsolver.com/books/the-poisonwood-bible.html

Things I did like about this book:
1.) It informed me that the USA does have their hands in everything and it’s not just the Europeans in the ongoing scramble for Africa.
2.) I got to talk with my cousin about books. Actually, this is the number one thing I liked the most. My cousin lent me the book and we had a mid-way conversation about it. I really enjoyed that.
3.) It made me thankful that my Dad and my Mom are awesome and super-human.

I feel like that’s all I have to say about this book. I’m not sure what to do with it. So I leave this as it is.

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/melaniehazen/teaching-the-poisonwood-bible/

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