“Surprised by Scripture”: let’s get political

We are in the midst of a long and painful election campaign. #AngryOldGuy, #BathRobeGuy, #HairGate, #PeeGate, #PeopleLikeNenshi. It seems that the election has started to become more and more ridiculous and it is a bit disheartening to watch as a proud Canadian.

Source: http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/conservative-supporter-yells-reporters-memes-1.3196052

Yet I am encouraged because the countdown is on and there seems to be a lot of articles like this floating around lately: :A Real Nation Would Not Let This Happen” from Maclean’s. The last line really got me thinking: “I don’t know who to be more ashamed of, our politicians or us.”

After reading Surprised by Scripture: Engaging Contemporary Issues by N.T. Wright, I am even more convicted to act and become more involved in active politics. “The church is to prove the world wrong about justice . . . The world thinks it knows what justice is, but again and again the world gets it wrong, favoring the rich and powerful, turning a blind eye to wickedness in high places, forgetting the cry of the poor and needy who the Bible insists are the special objects of God’s just and right care. So the church, in the power of the Spirit, has to speak up for God’s justice, in the light of Jesus’s ascension to the throne of the world, and to draw the world’s attention to where it’s getting this wrong. This has immediate and urgent application in holding our governments to account concerning justice for the world’s poorest, who have been kept poor by the unpayable compound interest owed to Western banks on loans made decades ago to corrupt dictators. The injustice has itself been compounded by our governments’ breathtaking bailing out of superrich companies, including banks, when they defaulted: the very rich did for the very rich what they still refuse to do for the very poor” (Pg 193-194).

Wright doesn’t mince words in his book. He calls out people who claim to follow Christ and says that if they are not holding their governments accountable, then they are not following Christ. He asks: “How do we shape a generation through which the Spirit will convict the world of sin (in the face of Western arrogance and assumed moral superiority), of justice (in a world where biblical meaning, justice for the poor, has been obliterated by justice in the shape of state-sanctioned violence), and of judgement (in a culture that acts as if it were the arbiter of truth)? That is the challenge” (Pg 195).

Source: https://thoughwetremble.wordpress.com/2010/08/

So, how can all Canadians who believe in love, especially those who believe in the love of God, show their love and act in ways of love? Wright would suggest that we live our lives to reflect Jesus’s ministry of loving those who society rejects. He suggests that we get political: email, write, and call up our politicians to demand action for those who are the most vulnerable in our society and in the world.

How do you find your Member of Parliment? Here.

How to write the letter? Here.

What Global issues to write about? Here.

Where to find information about the current refugee crisis? Here.

How to address Governemnt Officials? Here.

How or what to write about Canada’s First Nations’ children? Here.

Where to find information on Canada’s missing Aboriginal women? Here.

I don’t think there are any excuses as Canadians. We have let the silly actions of our political parties to distract us from the real issues. We need to hold the media and the government accountable.

So, I am challenged and convicted to start writing letters. Join me?

Source: http://www.keepthepromise.ca/

“In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’” (Act 20:35)

“We care more about postal service, child care and tax credits for the suburban middle class than we do Aboriginal issues. What kind of a nation are we?” (Scott Gilmore, in his article)

Source: http://desmog.ca/2013/10/16/canada-faces-crisis-situation-indigenous-peoples-says-un-special-rapporteur


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