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“Griffin & Sabine”: believe in magic

Remember the joy of pop-up books? The books that were tactile and interactive? What a wonderful way to connect with what you’re reading! This is why I am so glad that one of my good friends recommended that I read Griffin & Sabine: An Extraordinary Correspondence by Nick Bantock. It had envelopes and letters you could actually touch! I loved it.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/381102.Griffin_and_Sabine

Bantock writes and illustrates a creative idea: a woman writes postcards (which she creates) to a man in a completely different country and they begin a beautiful friendship. There is romance. There is mystery. There is despair. There is magic. There is hope.

Griffin and Sabine write letters and postcards back and forth, exploring their extraordinary relationship. As a reader, it’s so lovely to slow down and read mail. You have to actually open the envelopes in the book to read the handwritten (cursive) letters. I found it such a beautiful and intimate experience that let me be a nosy neighbour and eavesdrop on someone else’s conversations. Griffin creates postcards in a shop in London. He is an artist, but didn’t fully agree with the art school’s ‘art for art’s sake’ philosophy. In fact, at one point in the book Sabine encourages Griffin to explore his darkness. She almost gives him permission to explore his depression through his art, that he sells on postcards.

Source: http://www.geocities.ws/kimkronk/SBA1/nickbantockart.htm

Sabine is an interesting character, and she knows it. She lives on the island Katie in the Sicmon Islands in the South Pacific. Yet she doesn’t always exist there. She has a strange and mysterious connection to Griffin: she can see when he draws. She can’t see Griffin, but she sees his art as he creates it. Weird, right?! But so fun!
Sabine is an artist of her own and also creates postcards and stamps.

Source: http://www.geocities.ws/kimkronk/SBA1/nickbantockart.htm

I am so grateful for the experience that Bantock created in this book. You have mystery, you have magic, you have beautiful art, you have intimacy. Reading the letters and thinking about that ‘what if’ scenario: what if there was someone you had a connection with, but had no way to express that connection or make that connection a reality? What if we are all alone because we aren’t able to accept that life might not be reasonable and might in fact be magical?

The hope for the unexpected is something that is hard at times. We get run down by life and we become emotionally and spiritually exhausted. I think it is during these dark times that we miss the joy and the magic of simple connections. In those moments we are hoping for something big and dramatic to come into our lives (as Sabine enters into Griffin’s life), yet I don’t think it needs to be that dramatic.

What if a life-changing, life-altering, life-affirming moment and expression happens in the smallest way, to nudge us and remind us that life is worth the living. Maybe these small, daily miracles (a butterfly, a great memory, a delicious tasting meat, a smile from a passer-by) are the ones we need to be looking for and appreciating. I suppose that is why depression is so brutal: you can’t take the miracles for miracles because you don’t have the energy or the hope to believe that things will get better or that life is beautiful.

So hold on to those small miracles when you are able to see them for what they are! And hope for magic!

Source: https://www.behance.net/gallery/24293989/Believe-in-Magic


“Once Upon a Time”: trust, hope, believe

I am usually late in jumping into trends, and mostly on purpose. Yet I think that waiting often times works for me (expect for in the case of watching E.T. as an adult . . . hated it!). I was late to watch and love the TV show Once Upon a Time, but the timing of me watching it has been perfect.

Source: https://pearlsofprofundity.wordpress.com/2013/08/07/once-upon-a-time/

The TV show is about North America’s understanding of fairy tales. The show includes Snow White, Prince Charming, the Evil Queen, Belle, Rumpelstiltskin, Peter Pan, Captain Hook, the seven dwarfs, Ariel, Prince Eric, Mulan, the Wicked Witch, Dorothy, and the list goes on. Yet that is not my favourite part of the TV show. The best part, and the part that I needed this week, was the emphasis on the goodness in life. The potential for people to change. The push to have faith. The power of believing.

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/gretchenwinkler/once-upon-a-time/

Trust: “have a little faith in me / I’ll have a little faith in you.” Trusting others is hard to do and it often is what holds us back from amazing things. That is why I love Michael Franti’s song “Have a Little Faith.” He writes about the strength it takes to trust in others and the outcome of that trust: “Even though I fumble and fall / Don’t let it go / And when the rain falls down / You know the flower’s gonna bloom.”

Trusting people is hard. Several characters in Once Upon a Time have their lives changed depending on the trust they place in others. The issue I have this week is trusting a corporation/board for a job. It’s more than just one person I have to trust in this week: it’s an entire system of people. Yet, the TV show has reminded me of the power of faith and believing.

So this week while watching Once Upon a Time I have been reminded that even though things may look bleak, there is something beyond and the sorrow may only last for a moment (even if it seems forever). But belief and trust and hope aren’t the only things, as Captain Hook would say, . . .

Source: http://www.buzzquotes.com/hook-quotes-captain-hook

I am fighting for my job. I am not being inactive. Yet I also have a lot of hope and belief that things will change and I will get the job I deserve. So thank you Once Upon a Time for encouraging me this week with your fun TV show. And yes, I am aware that not everyone gets their happy ending (look at Regina at the end of season 3!!), yet I have hope it will happen for me!

There is always hope.

There is always hope.

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“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” (Romans 15:13)

“Good will win.” (Henry, Once Upon a Time)

Source: http://www.fanforum.com/f373/fairest-%5Bsnow-mary%7Cgg%5D-30-i-would-have-taken-character-even-if-just-play-mary-margaret-~-ginny-63099406/index9.html